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Stayed tuned...AMDTreat is currently being updated with an expected release of late Spring 2021. Features will include added treatment modules, updated costs, improved Help and geochemical modeling.

What is AMDTreat?

AMDTreat (Pronounced: am'-D-treat or A-M-D-treat.), a member of OSMRE's Technical Innovation and Professional Services (TIPS) suite of software, is a computer application for estimating abatement costs for pollutional mine drainage, commonly referred to as Acid Mine Drainage or AMD. (Also Acid Rock Drainage or ARD.) The current version of AMDTreat is v5.0.2 Plus. AMDTreat can assist a user in estimating costs to abate water pollution using a variety of passive and chemical treatment types; including, vertical flow ponds, anoxic limestone drains, anaerobic wetlands, aerobic wetlands, bio reactors, manganese removal beds, limestone beds, oxic limestone channels, caustic soda, hydrated lime, pebble quicklime, ammonia, oxidation chemicals, and soda ash treatment systems. The acid mine drainage abatement cost model provides over 400 user modifiable variables in modeling costs for treatment facility construction, excavation, revegetation, piping, road construction, land acquisition, system maintenance, labor, water sampling, design, surveying, pumping, sludge removal, chemical consumption, clearing and grubbing, mechanical aeration, and ditching. AMDTreat also contains several financial and scientific tools to help select and plan treatment systems. These tools include a long-term financial forecasting module, an acidity calculator, a sulfate reduction calculator, a Langelier saturation index calculator, a mass balance calculator, a passive treatment alkalinity calculator, an abiotic homogeneous Fe2+ oxidation calculator, a biotic homogeneous Fe2+ oxidation calculator, an oxidation tool, and a metric conversion tool.

AMDTreat was developed cooperatively by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS), and the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE)

Current Version: amdtreat 5.0.2 Plus

AMDTreat 5.0.2 Plus corrects minor convergence issues identified during case study tests performed by the developers.

Enhancements to Version 5 of AMDTreat include incorporation of the geochemical modeling capabilities of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) PHREEQ computer program to model titrations and enhancement to the oxidant tool.

For additional information, please contact Brent Means or Omar Beckford.

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